Edit your Profile

Below you will see a sample profile. You can access your own profile by logging into your account and selecting "My DoneDeal". 


A lot of the fields are editable by you and can be easily updated at any time. See details below: 

Profile Picture - We don't currently have a way for you to add a profile picture. It is something that we will work on in the future. Watch this space! 

Seller Type - If you are using DoneDeal to sell professionally and you have a VAT number - you should select the second option "I'm a Trader". 

Your Name - In the sample I've typed in DoneDealer - it is best to use your real name, no need to give your full name - your first name is appropriate. 

Your County - Here you'll select your location and the assumption will be that this is where the item is available for sale. 

Nearest Town - Again, for collection purposes it's best to select your nearest town so the buyer/seller can gauge the distance they'll have to travel. 

Email - For security reasons you'll not be able to change this via your profile. If you feel this is a problem, please get in touch with our support team here

Phone - You can edit the phone number on your account should you need to. 

Password - You can change your password at any time. 

Newsletter - Simply tick this box to subscribe to our Newsletter and un-tick to unsubscribe. 

*Ensure to hit the save button on the bottom right to ensure your changes are updated


You can read more on verifying your email here and how to verify your phone number here