VRC Verification Process

Hi Everyone,

Customers that have just recently bought a car from the UK have issues Greenlighting their ad as the system takes time to update.  Previously we were unable to help these users which wasn't a great experience.  Product & tech listened to our feedback and put this workaround in place to allow us to verify the VRC and greenlight the customers ad.  

Here's how it will work:

During place ad the customer will enter their reg and log book number.  When we are unable to verify the customer will receive the following message:


The customer will hit sell now and that will trigger the email to us.  Once the email arrives in Zendesk an automatic reply will be sent to the customer asking them to reply with a photo of the front and back of their log book. Here's what that looks like.  



When the customer reply's with the photo of their logbook we will take the following steps:-

1. Verify reg and log book number match in the ad and on the log book. 

2. Hit Verify verify ownership via Admin and this will greenlight their ad.


3. Bump the ad and copy the link.  

4. Use the ZenDesk macro called "Motor:: Invalid VRC - Ad Greenlighted" to reply to the user.


Note these tickets will also appear in the vehicle data enquiry view.  The ticket tags automatically so we don't need to worry about that.  


Side Note: Difference between VRT & VRC as there was some confusion (We are verifying the VRC...which is the logbook):-

VRC is Vehicle Registration Certificate (also called the log book) this changes hands when you sell a car. It’s also where we get the number for Greenlight for Private Sellers.

VRT is Vehicle Registration Tax - this is the tax Revenue plus on a car. This is normally calculated by the number of extras you have on a car.  VRT is the main reason why people buy cars from the UK. They don’t put “VRT” on cars. This means you can buy a High Spec BMW with everything on it, for the same price as you buy the same BMW with no extras on it here in Ireland.

Any questions on this, just let me know!