How to put together a good ad with words, photos and video

DoneDeal ads are made up of a title, ad content (county, area, price and description), photo and/or video and whether the seller is a trader.


The title is your ad in just a few words

  • Include what’s most important e.g name of item, colour, size, brand name

Content of ad

Select your county, nearest area and price - many buyers will only look at ads in their area and price range.

What to put in the description

Explain clearly what you are advertising in a few sentences.

Details to include:

  • type of item
  • what it looks like
  • make/model/brand
  • information from product spec
  • colours
  • material/feeling/texture
  • the condition it is in
  • size and measurements
  • what comes with it
  • box/packaging
  • age
  • warranty details
  • original price
  • new/unwanted gift/unused/second hand
  • faults/scratches/issues you are aware of

Other details:

  • Are you open to negotiation?
  • Times you’re available to be contacted.
  • Texts or no texts/private numbers.


Buyers want all the information in front of them before contacting a seller.

Giving enough information means less questions from buyers.

Don’t use ALL CAPS.

Photos and video

Upload photos (from your phone or camera) that show clearly the item you’re selling, e.g. close-ups and views from different angles. 

Upload a video to show the item in use to have a better chance of selling it quickly.