Sell my car in Ireland

Top tips for selling my car privately in Ireland 

1. Prepare all your car documentation before selling

  • You must have the vehicle log book in order to transfer ownership of your car or vehicle
  • NCT documentation and service history documentation are very helpful to convey trust
  • Greenlight your vehicle by inputting the Vehicle Licence Certificate (VLC) number from your vehicle logbook
  • Be specific about knowing the exact technical details Make, Model, Specification, Engine Size,service history 
  • Knowing the cars Vehicle Identification number (VIN) is helpful 

2. Make the most of the car exterior and interior

  • The best time to photograph is early morning or early evening to avoid direct sunlight and reflections
  • Try and avoid having other cars in the car photographs
  • When taking photos best to give yourself a lot of space 10-20ft and then crop the photos as necessary
  • Some standard photos formats are:
    • Front ¾ right, Right side profile, Back ¾ right, Rear View, Back ¾ left,  Left side profile, Front ¾ left, Front on view
    • Wheels/ Alloys, Engine under the hood, Empty Boot Space, Spare Tyre, Front lights on
    • Internal full dashboard, Driver dashboard, Passenger side looking at driver dash
    • Looking in from open door front, looking in from open door back,  Front interior, Rear interior,,
    • Odometer reading, NCT disc, 
  • Know the condition of the timing belt in the event the seller asks for this. 
  • Make sure the car is cleaned, hoovered, and smells great before showing. It is worth it for less than €20

3. Meeting the car buyer

  •  If allowing a test drive make sure you or the person with you goes with them and that the driver has the relevant insurance on the car.

  • Once the sale is complete get them to fill out the logbook with their name and address. Do Not let them take the logbook to send in themselves. Instead get them to sign and then send the logbook to  the Driver and Vehicle Computer Services Division of the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport

  • Do not accept part payment for car sales. 

4. Follow the Change of Ownership legislation

  •  If you sell or trade-in your car, you are obliged to update the vehicle owner details on the National Vehicle and Driver File (NVDF). If the vehicle continues to remain in your name, you will be legally liable for any charges including, motor tax, toll charges and any penalties which may be incurred for any traffic violations (e.g. parking fines).

To read a shortened version of the information from the Department of Transport Tourism and Sport website click here.

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