Support Team

You’ve probably noticed a few new names signing off on our support emails, especially in the last few months. As the site gets bigger we needed to call on extra help so our team of Waterford DoneDealers is growing fast!

The Eishtec team have been on board since May 2014 to help us support DoneDealers to make their buying and selling experience as brilliant as possible!

So let's put faces to the names! (Back row, left to right) Carolyn, Mary, Edel, Katie, Grace, Jennifer, David, Barry (front row, left to right) Mark, Alan. The guys are all working on the DoneDeal Campaign in Eishtec in Waterford City. We look forward to getting the opportunity to help all DoneDealers by answering your questions and emails via support.

DoneDeal Customer Support Team DoneDeal Customer Support Team