Community Safety

DoneDeal’s Community Safety:

As Ireland’s leading classified ads site, DoneDeal’s national community of advertisers enables hundreds of thousands of people to buy and sell via our site. Our team promote the safe use of our platform and we are happy to assist with local, national and international law enforcement agencies in stopping and prosecuting criminals.

Due to Data Protection Laws DoneDeal are only allowed to give out full details for an advertiser to a law enforcement officer. If you want to get in contact with your local Gardai you can find a directory for all stations here:

Resources for Law Enforcement Investigations:

Law enforcement officers in Ireland seeking assistance and records for investigations relating to advertisers on DoneDeal may contact our customer support team for assistance.

Resources available to law enforcement officials only are:

  • Data requests coming from court orders, Gardai or government agencies, can be submitted via fax or email. 
  • If you are a Law Enforcement Officer  and require more general information, please contact us.
  • You might be interested in reading our Safety Guide and our Advertising T&C's

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