Guide to microchipping obligations for dog owners

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Microchipping of puppies and dogs

All puppies and dogs must be microchipped before being sold or given to a new owner.  

Due to obligations under the Animal Health and Welfare (Sale or supply of pet animals) Regulations 2019 (No. 681 of 2019) all dog advertisements must include the unique code of the microchip implanted in a dog.  

There are a number of websites that you can register your dog's microchip number on. This means if is lost and later found, it has a good chance of being returned to you. Dogs with a microchip can be scanned for a microchip by a vet or a pound for example. They can then enter the microchip number in an online database to find the owner’s contact details.

The four government-approved databases are:-

Microchipping can only be done by approved individuals such as vets. You’ll receive a cert to prove the dog has been microchipped.

While some vets will give you certification straight away, initially it may take a week to process, so make sure you get this done in plenty of time.

How to get a dog microchipped

Book an appointment with the vet. You will need to bring:

  • The dog
  • Valid ID
  • Proof of address e.g. a recent utility bill

Your dog will be microchipped and certification issued

You can choose to register the dog on a database or leave this to the new owner. (A microchip without registration is worthless, as the owner can’t be traced if the dog goes missing, and is found).

Microchipping for buyers

From February 2020 the unique code of the microchip implanted in a dog will be displayed in advertisements. Please ensure you cross-reference this unique code with the microchip certificate.

  • Don’t buy or take in a new puppy without a microchip certificate.
  • Don’t buy or re-home a dog that does not have a microchip certificate.


Register your dog online when you get it, using the number on the microchip certificate.

If the dog has already been registered, it’s really important you update your details so you’re easily contactable if your dog gets lost and is found. the chip is worth nothing unless it is registered.