Email prompting you to log in to check a message

Your personal data is very attractive to professional fraudsters and therefor they can try out various new ways to gain access to a genuine users accounts. Because of this you need to be very careful how you correspond with potential buyers/sellers on DoneDeal. 
The TOP TIP we can give is that you should NEVER share your personal email address with them. If they want to contact you about your ad they should do it by phone or by using our Safemail message centre. If they text you and ask for you to email them directly, DON'T.  DoneDeal provide a Safemail message centre so any genuine DoneDealer will be happy to use this channel. 
Here is an example scenario we've heard of recently: 
DoneDeal Advertiser: gets a text "Hi I'm X and I'm interested in your X - email me on" 
DoneDeal Advertiser: replies clicking the email & replying from their personal email address. Now the fraudster has their personal email and knows they are selling X. 
Fraudster: emails you, but this time trying to look like they are DoneDeal "Someone is interested in buying your X - check out what they said" this then prompts you to log in. 
Fraudster: redirects you to a site they've hijacked which is made to look like DoneDeal. They can now harvest both your username and password. 
Fraudster: uses the information gained to log in your account. They make changes to your active ads to try and redirect interested parties to their contact details...see some examples below:- 
* This generally image is not used as your cover photo so you may miss this if you simply view "my ads" in your account.