DoneDeal Cashless Payments: Information for Sellers


Selling on DoneDeal has now been made even easier with certain Traders being able to advertise their items with a "Buy Now" button to enable digital cashless payments. 

DoneDeal Traders can now accept credit and debit card payments on their ads and have the money transferred to their bank account. Any trader with a connected Stripe account will have the 'Buy Now' option enabled on all their ads. 


How do I to get started?

To ensure maximum security for all parties, DoneDeal uses Stripe to process the card payments. To start accepting card payments you will need to first create a Stripe account, or connect an existing one.

Once you have connected a Stripe account, the option to pay by card will be instantly enabled on your ads.

To get started, just click the 'Connect with Stripe' button displayed when creating your ad and you will be walked through the process for opening a Stripe account, or connecting an existing one.


Why do I need an account with Stripe?

Using Stripe to process payments means that the transaction can be processed without either the seller or DoneDeal needing to handle any sensitive card information. Stripe handles the entire transaction and passes the money on to the seller. In order to do this, you need a Stripe account so that they know where to send the money. Once you have an account however, you can then log into Stripe to see statistical information, and make use of all the other benefits of having a Stripe account.


Who are Stripe?

Stripe is a payments company specialising in enabling sellers to accept payments online. Founded by Limerick brothers John and Patrick Collison, the company is trusted by thousands of companies. Stripe is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1, the most stringent level of certification.

You can learn more about Stripe here:


Do I need to have a business in order to open a Stripe account?

No, you do not need to be a business, limited company or corporation to open a Stripe account. If you don't have a separate entity and operate by yourself, you have a sole proprietorship. When you activate your account, just choose the appropriate option for your business type. If you later create a business entity, it's easy to update your Stripe account to reflect your new status.


I already have a Stripe account, can I use my existing one?

Yes. When you go click the Connect to Stripe button on DoneDeal, if you are already logged into Stripe, it will prompt you to connect your existing account. If not, you will be prompted to sign up for an account, however, there is a login option at the top of that form for users who already have a Stripe account.


What are Stripe's fees?

Stripe fees in Ireland are 1.4% + 25c per successful charge + VAT for all European cards (and 2.90% + 25c for all non-European cards). More information can be found here.

If you are a VAT-registered Irish business, you will be able to account for VAT on Stripe’s fees in your VAT return. A breakdown of these fees is available through your monthly VAT report, which you can download from the Documents section of your Stripe dashboard.


Will I still be charged a commission by DoneDeal?

Yes, the above fee is charged by the payment provider for handling the payment exchange. Regardless of which payment provider is chosen by the buyer, shops are charged by DoneDeal is 3.33%+ VAT  commission on the total sale price of successfully sold items

If you are a VAT-registered Irish business, you will be able to account for VAT on DoneDeal’s commission in your VAT return


What if the buyer wants a refund?

You can find information on how to manage refunds here -


What will it look like for potential buyers?

As soon as you connect a new (or existing) Stripe account with your DoneDeal ad, the ability for buyers to pay by card will immediately start displaying on your ad when live.


Can I add postage to my fees?

Yes. If you offer postage you can add the cost of postage for the item to the final cost the buyer will pay you via Stripe.


How long does it take for Stripe to transfer money to the Shop/Seller Stripe account after a transaction has been made?

The payment will show in the Seller's dashboard once the transaction is complete. 


After that, how long does it take for the money to arrive at the seller’s bank account? Does this require any action from the Shop/Seller? 

The standard payout schedule for Irish merchants is 7 days. You can find more information here -


What if my question hasn’t been answered here?

Sellers can contact Stripe support directly for any Stripe related issues or queries -

You can also reach out to us on