DoneDeal Cashless Payments: Information for Buyers

Introducing DoneDeal Cashless Payments for Buyers & Sellers:

DoneDeal traders can now accept credit and debit card payments on their ads and have the money transferred to their bank account.  This makes buying and transacting in a safe way super easy on DoneDeal! 


How can I stay safe when accepting deliveries?

If you receive a package from an online purchase, ensure you keep a safe distance from the person making the delivery. It is important to keep at least 6 feet / 2 metres  apart. Ensure that the package is left at your door or at a pickup point. You should always wash your hands after receiving packages and opening them. It is recommended to use soap and water to wash your hands or an alcohol based disinfectant.


What to do if you have issues with an order?

Each seller is responsible for setting their own shop policies.  If your purchase wasn't received or isn’t as described, if you're looking to return an item or to get a refund from an order you should contact the seller directly to discuss.