Upload photos

You can add photos when you're first placing your ad or at a later stage by editing your ad. You can include up to 10 photos in each ad (Some sections allow additional photos as part of our Premium Packages). You can upload these photos via a computer.

How to upload your photos to your ad on DoneDeal via a computer:

  • Transfer the images from your camera or phone to your computer.
  • Go to DoneDeal and click on the Place ad.
  • Click the "Add Photos/Video" button at the top of the page.

  • Select the photo(s) from your computer (You can upload multiple photos at the same time by holding down the Ctrl key) 
  • Once you have selected your photos, press Open.
  • Your photos will be automatically resized then the upload will begin. 

Should you see an error message on your photo during this upload contact us

Alternatively of course you can easily take the photos during the “place ad” process by using the app version of DoneDeal.