How to place an ad

Here's how to place an ad on the web. For the smartphone users who have downloaded our apps go to our advice on How to place an ad from the Android app and How to place an ad from the iPhone app.

If you're neither of those, read on!

1. Go to DoneDeal and click on Place ad at the top of the page

2. Choose the type of ad you want to place - For Sale or Wanted


3.Upload photos or video

4. Input your Ad Title - this is the headline of your ad, so be precise

5. Input your price - it's better to give a price to help people know if it's in their price range.

6. Select the section and subsection you would like to place your ad in - from the list to the left or the sections.

7. Type in the information you want to give people about the item you have for sale

8. Then you'll be shown the payment options for your ad. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions on the Payment page. If your ad qualifies as a free ad, then you'll be offered options to pay for a longer listing, or you can just go ahead with the free option:

9. If you are not logged in you'll need to enter your email address and password. You can learn more about creating an account here.

10. If you're already an account holder simply confirm how you want to be contacted. 

11. Preview your ad so you'll know what it will look like when it's published.

12. If you're happy simply click Sell Now! 



To see instructions and guides on how to pay see our Payments Section.

To get advice on how to write a selling ad click here.