Unwanted calls

Put an end to unwanted calls and texts. Crank calls, prank calls, hoax calls, nuisance calls. Call it what you want, but you don’t have to put up with nuisance calls or texts.

Unfortunately, many of us have unwanted phone calls or texts at one stage or other. These can be for many a reason. Here are some scenarios:

  • strangers getting a kick out of unsettling other strangers
  • toddlers pressing buttons on parents’ phones
  • teens/children having what they think is a laugh
  • school bullies
  • radio show presenters making fun of people
  • genuinely misdialled numbers
  • silent 6am calls from people with a vendetta against you
  • bored and lonely individuals texting numbers with strange questions

The actual content of a nuisance phone call or text can vary from silence to the obscene as can how the caller even has your number. But when is it time to act? And what should you do?

How to respond

We asked An Garda Síochána for some advice.

Their advice is not to engage with a phone caller that you do not feel comfortable talking to and to never give out personal details over the phone e.g. address, age, bank details etc.

The same goes for a text message – you do not have to reply.

The bottom line is do not engage with the nuisance caller, this will only encourage them to keep calling you and upsetting you.

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