Buying a phone

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The DoneDeal guide to buying a phone

Phone model

  • Meet the seller and examine the handset before completing the purchase.
  • Is it the same phone advertised?
  • Check that the phone’s features match those listed on the manufacturer’s brochure or website.

Phone network

  • Turn on the mobile phone and insert your own SIM card.
  • Check if you can make calls.
  • Can you access the internet?

SIM-free phones

  • A SIM-free phone is one, usually sold by the manufacturer, which should work with any mobile phone network.
  • A genuine SIM-free phone will display no mobile phone network logos or graphics when the handset powers up.
  • Always test the phone with your own activated SIM (or a friend’s from a different network) to make sure it is SIM free.

Unlocked or jailbroken phones

  • An unlocked phone will let you pick whichever network you wish, but it may invalidate the phone’s warranty.
  • A software change to unlock an iPhone is known as jailbreaking. Jailbroken phones may have software with bugs or flaws.

Jailbreak damage

  • Some of the phone's features may have been damaged or disabled when the phone was unlocked or jailbroken.
  • Check the phone can download further software upgrades.
  • Ask the seller to download a current update to prove the phone is operating correctly.
  • Check as many functions as possible before buying, especially the functions and apps you intend to use regularly.

In-contract phones

  • Check with the seller if the phone is still in contract.
  • If so, the phone may no longer work once the seller has stopped paying the bill.
  • If that is the case you will have to get the phone unlocked before buying.

Phone condition

  • Check to make sure all keys and functions are working.
  • Liquid damage to an iPhone will void its Apple warranty. Check the earphone jack slot; if the white disc inside has turned red or pink there is a likelihood of liquid damage.
  • Check for loose keys, and look closely for cracks in the phone screen.
  • Ask if the battery life has diminished.
  • Check the camera lense for scratches

Counterfeit phones

  • Check the handset’s IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number by typing *#06# on the phone.
  • This number should match the number supplied with the phone, usually found in the battery compartment.
  • To check, remove the battery and look for a sticker or label with the IMEI – it should be 15 to 17 digits long, with no letters.
  • You can then visit the International Numbering Plans website to check the validity of the IMEI.

Stolen phones

  • Check with Irish mobile networks to see if the IMEI number has been flagged as a stolen phone.
  • Beware that if a phone is reported stolen it may be disabled by the manufacturer after you buy it.
  • Ask to see the original packaging or ideally a receipt.

Syncing with iTunes/iCloud

  • This is a common issue with second-hand iPhones. Does a message appear saying it’s synced with another iTunes library or iCloud account?
  • To proceed, you will have to erase the content currently stored on your phone.
  • Sync immediately before you install any content.
  • Connect the iPhone to iTunes or iCloud to check if there are any syncing issues.

PIN lock

  • This is a simple thing, but one which causes headaches for many purchasers.
  • Make sure the phone hasn’t been locked by a PIN or, if it has, ask the seller for the correct PIN.
  • Type it in and ensure the phone is unlocked.

DoneDeal app

  • When you get your new phone, don’t forget to download the DoneDeal app!

Landline phones

  • When purchasing a desktop telephone for home or office, be aware that there are different types of phone – analogue and digital.
  • Typically, the phone in your home works on an analogue line. Fax lines are similar.
  • Cordless phones in a house might be digital from the base to the handset, but the telephone line itself is probably analogue.


  • Businesses currently lean towards digital phones which allow VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls.
  • A VoIP phone allows businesses to make calls over a broadband internet service by VoIP.
  • These can significantly bring down the cost of local and international calls.
  • Call quality on VoIP calls has improved greatly in recent years.
  • Unlike most analogue phones, digital phones often have extra features like voicemail.

Buying mistakes

  • A digital phone will not work on an analogue service but there are analogue/digital phones.
  • Check if you have a digital service before buying a digital-only phone.
  • Analogue telephony adapters can be acquired and these will connect standard analogue telephones to a digital telephone system.
  • Enquire with your VoIP service about suitable phones.