DoneDeal is an IPAAG Member

IPAAG (Irish Pet Advertising Advisory Group) is an advisory group made up leading Irish animal welfare organisations, representatives from the veterinary profession and online websites.  

This major initiative will improve the welfare of the thousands of pets advertised online on a weekly basis. The group is engaging with a number of online websites and is introducing a list of IPAAG Minimum Standards for websites to ensure the welfare of the animals advertised online is protected and that any illegal activity is identified and investigated.

IPAAG compliant websites like DoneDeal have agreed to provide the necessary information to allow a buyer to make an informed choice helping consumers to make a purchase they are not likely to regret. As well as consumers choosing to use the best websites, which only host advertisements which meet the IPAAG Minimum Standards, we believe that engaged members of the public will proactively report adverts which do not meet the standards.

A number of animal welfare organisations will put in place a dedicated group of volunteer moderators who will look at advertisements (for all species) and report those that don’t meet the IPAAG Minimum Standards directly to the websites concerned.  The trade association representatives on IPAAG will also answer questions about adverts that potentially infringe on good animal welfare standards.

All members of IPAAG are committed to educating the public about the online pet sales environment, and encourage consumer awareness and cooperation to improve animal welfare in Ireland.

They have really handy information pieces which should help with any information you'd like to learn about them. 

See the IPAAG Press Release below.