Safety tips for buyers and sellers

We have loads of information on how to stay safe so please take your time as a buyer or a seller to read through it.

General Rule:

  • Deal with People locally
  • Arrange a time and a place you feel comfortable with
  • Bring someone with, don't go alone
  • Use your common sense
  • Inspect the item you intend to purchase in full to ensure that you are happy with it
  • If it's too good to be true then it usually is
  • If in doubt, walk away
  • Only use trusted payment methods that offer payment protection


  • Do not pay in advance of goods
  • Be careful about how you are carrying cash to pay for goods, or else pay with a bank draft
  • Never pay for goods with Western Union or other similar money transfer services
  • DoneDeal does not support payments and you will never be required to enter your card details in order to receive payment for the item you are selling


  • If you decide to pay via PayPal make sure you select that your are paying for Goods & Services as this payment method offers payment protection for both buyer and seller
  • DO NOT pay to Friends & Family unless they are your friend or a member of your family. For more information on PayPal payments click here


  • We do not recommend using Revolut to transfer funds in order to make payment for an item your are buying
  • Sending funds using a contact number or Revolut tag is intended for the transfer of funds between friends or family and this payment method does not offer payment protection
  • Only Revolut payments that have been made with a business/merchant using a Revolut card offer payment protection for consumers


You can find more tips on our article Buying safely - top tips for Buyers & Sellers.

Happy DoneDealing!