Buying a Segway

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The DoneDeal Guide to buying a Segway

Segways are a fun, distinctive way to get around. But before investing in one, you should be aware of the safety and legal issues, as well as the dos and don’ts of buying one second hand.

The law

  • Segways are legal to use in Ireland, but are not permitted on footpaths and roads.
  • There are park areas where they are permitted, and organised Segway tours take place across Ireland, so it’s worth looking into a public space’s policy before using a Segway there.
  • Private property (with the permission of the owner) is the ideal place to use a Segway.
  • There’s no minimum legal age to ride a Segway, but they are motorised vehicles, so are not suited to small children.
  • For handled Segways, the user has to be over 4-foot, a minimum of 6-stone in weight and a maximum of 19-stone.

General tips

  • Some brand-name components are worth looking out for: Samsung battery has a longer life than lesser-known brands.
  • Check the charging unit and make sure it’s compatible with Irish sockets. (Many Segways and similar products are built and initially sold in China.)
  • Similarly, ask for a receipt and a local warranty – ideally an Irish or even a UK warranty. Original paperwork will confirm the age and legitimacy of the machine.

Buying and testing

  • Test-drive the Segway and then examine it carefully.
  • Check for scratches and dents: Minor dents and scratches mean normal wear and tear; major ones mean more serious damage.
  • Just like with any other motor vehicle, check the condition of the tyres and wheels.
  • Segways and Hoverboards are very quiet when in full working order: Listen for grinding gears and struggling engine noises when it’s in use.
  • If it has front and/or rear lights, make sure they illuminate fully.
  • For a brand name Segway, check the InfoKey controller, which is like a dashboard. It will tell you the mileage on the Segway. You can also check the history and age of the Segway by checking its serial number online.

Hands free vs handles

  • Segways can be divided into two categories: Traditional Segways with handles, or “Hoverboards”.
  • Hoverboards with ABS plastic are often more expensive than ones made from PVC, but they’re much more durable and long-lasting.