Buying a go kart

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The DoneDeal guide to buying a go kart

Basics to consider

  • Always check the Karting Regulations before purchasing
  • It makes sense to buy from somebody else who races and who understands racing
  • Ask other drivers what they would recommend
  • Taking an experienced mechanic with you is a big advantage
  • Remember you will need wet tyres and wheels
  • Look for cracks or previous repairs
  • Does the seat fit or will you need a new one?


  • There should be a log book detailing the service history
  • Check that the seal and engine numbers correlate to the log book
  • Witness the engine running. It is advised to complete a purchase at a race track
  • Try to get written assurance that the engine complies fully with the regulations

Things to ask the seller

  • Ask what the kart has been used for
  • How long has this owner had it?
  • How many owners has there been in total?
  • Where did this seller buy it from?
  • What are they selling it?

Buying race equipment

  • You will need a set of tools, including sockets set, pliers, spanners, allen keys etc
  • A kart trolley or stand is a requirement too
  • Chain spray, spare spark plug and cleaning fuels are also needed
  • You will need a transponder sooner or later to measure lap times


  • You should spend time learning the rules for karting
  • Practice sessions are available at the tracks on the day before races
  • You can also book practice times during the week, but must ring in advance
  • Once you get used to the mechanics, time-testing is the best way to improve
  • Most tracks charge a fee for open testing, but it is recommended


  • Brakes and steering must be in perfect condition
  • Check the brake disc for cracks or missing parts
  • Ensure the seat is tight-fitting and not worn at the bottom
  • Ensure none of the scratching underneath is too severe
  • Make sure you always carry an approved-size fire extinguisher

Test drive

  • It is advised that you test drive before purchasing
  • Do your best to make the purchase at a track

Race meetings and getting a competition license

  • The Go-Kart season runs from March to October
  • Kart races are held all over the country
  • There are seven categories in which racing takes place, mostly depending on age, starting with Cadets who are between 8-12-years old
  • You need to apply to Motorsport Ireland for a competition license