Buying Christmas decorations

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Why buy decorations on DoneDeal?

  • If you’re on a budget and can’t afford the often exorbitant prices of new Christmas decorations, second-hand can be a very good alternative.
  • If you already have quite a few decorations, but fancy updating your Christmas ‘look’, it’s hard to justify shelling out for new ones. This could be your guilt-free solution.
  • Although many of the decorations listed for sale have been used, there are also plenty that are brand new and still in their boxes.
  • It’s far more environmentally friendly to reuse someone else’s unwanted decorations than to buy a pile of new baubles straight from the factory.
  • You will undoubtedly find more unusual decorations. For example, you might unearth some old-fashioned, beautifully crafted tree decorations (put the word ‘vintage’ in front, and these would sell for a princely sum at your local garden centre). You will also find some stunning homemade decorations.
  • If you’re looking for a complete set of decorations (say if you’ve just moved house and are starting from scratch), you don’t necessarily have to buy piecemeal. You will often find people selling all their decorations in one go, because they’re moving or are just tired of the same ones every year. If you happen to have similar taste to them, you are sorted.

Stay safe

Keep safety in mind when choosing Christmas decorations, and when placing them in your home, particularly if you have young children. They will assume that they are toys, and there to be played with.

  • Be cautious about buying glass decorations, or any decorations that are very easily broken. This will lower the risk of cuts.
  • Check that the decorations don’t have small attachments or parts that could come loose easily and be swallowed by a small child.
  • Don’t hang decorations, stockings or card too close to an open fire.
  • Be particularly careful when buying used lights, as faulty sets can pose a fire risk. Check for safety symbols on the tag or packaging (if you can’t find any, don’t buy them).
  • Strings of Christmas lights can pose a strangulation risk, so keep this in mind when positioning them, and don’t leave small children unattended when around them.
  • It’s easier said than done, but don’t let small children play with Christmas lights.
  • Never use indoor lights outdoors.
  • Always switch Christmas lights off when going out or to bed.
  • If buying an artificial tree, check that it is fire resistant.