Buying tractors

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The DoneDeal guide to buying tractors

Know your needs

  • Before trading for tractors, dig the dirt.
  • Study the stats on the machine you want to buy.
  • Is it capable of doing everything you require?

Check the model

  • Before buying research the make and model of the tractor
  • Tractors break down, so check and ensure that spare parts are easily sourced
  • Get the serial number to look up the year and model

Check its age

  • Used tractors can have many years of life left in them, but not if they’ve been over-worked.
  • Always ask the age of the tractor
  • Ask how many hours it’s worked - the more hours it’s clocked up per annum the greater chance of trouble
  • Ask the seller why they are selling. Has there been a problem?

Horse power

  • Before purchase ask about the machine’s horse power.
  • Has it got the pulling prowess to meet your needs?
  • Does it have a power take off (PTO) which is needed to attach implements that draw power from the tractor engine
  • Check to see if the rotating shaft of the PTO is operational and connects properly

How to inspect a tractor

Air filter

  • Check to see if the seals are intact and check that dust has not gotten into the engine.


  • Check for oil or leaks.
  • Look at the ground. Do you see any oil spots in the yard?
  • If you do, ask the seller if the tractor had been cleaned and degreased prior to viewing
  • Look for oil on tyres too as this could point to a broken shaft seal
  • When the engine is hot, double-check for diesel or oil leaks


  • Turn on the ignition. Do the oil and alternator lights come on?
  • Start the engine fully. If these lights remain on, watch out.


  • Remove the radiator cap and look inside. White deposits could indicate a problem with the cooling system.
  • Look for corrosion inside the radiator, or damage to the fins.
  • Also check that the tractor’s temperature gauge is ok.


  • Blue/white smoke from the exhaust indicates an issue with fuel injection.
  • Dark smoke could be an indication of worn piston rings.
  • If the tractor spits out caked oil from the breather tube, the engine needs an overhaul.


  • Check how the gears change. How does the clutch feel?
  • Try all the gears in both ranges.
  • Listen for squeals or tapping noises which indicate wear.


  • Examine the hydraulic system, or three-point hitch.
  • Attach it to a plough. Does it lift the plough without jerking?


  • Look for welds around the wheels.
  • Is there uneven wear on the tyres?
  • Check to see if tyres have cuts, or are weather cracked. Tractor tyres are expensive to replace.

Sit down

  • Is the seat comfortable?
  • Tractor owners can have long working days and a comfortable seat is desirable.
  • Seats can be expensive to replace.

Test driving

  • When driving any agricultural machinery on a public road you must have a category W licence
  • The minimum age to get this licence is 16
  • Agricultural machinery driven in a public place must be covered by third party insurance
  • Third party insurance cover must extend to all trailers, even when not being drawn by a tractor, when they are in a public place
  • Read the Road Safety Authority of Ireland specific guidelines relating to agricultural machinery on public roads.


  • Tractors must be taxed. Ask if there is tax on the vehicle
  • Agricultural tractors, trench diggers and excavators have a lower tax rate than general haulage tractors. Check the appropriate annual rate at motor tax online
  • Vintage tractors have a lower annual tax rate than newer models
  • Ask for the tax book


  • Tractors used solely on the land are not required to be registered
  • Any tractor that uses a public road at any stage must be registered
  • The VRT rate for all tractors, new or used, is €200
  • Tractors must be presented at NCT centres for registration


  • Check that the suspension and tyres are in good nick and look for any damage to the floor
  • Is the hitch compatible with the vehicle you’ll be using to tow it?
  • Do the brake lights work?
  • Check the weight. Is the vehicle you’ll  use to tow it capable?
  • How many axles? Fewer axles carry smaller loads

Need something?

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