Buying furniture

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The DoneDeal guide to buying furniture

  • Measure and take note of the available space you have for an item and always measure the item itself in person.
  • Never estimate the size of a room or an item – if an item doesn’t fit once you’ve paid for it, that’s not the seller’s fault.
  • Measure the size of access doors. It might sound simple, but will the item actually fit through the front door?
  • Remember to measure the vertical space needed for an item, especially tall items like bunk beds, high sleepers, dressers and large wardrobes.

Transport, delivery and assembly

  • Always check and double check that you have all the necessary parts before you buy the item.
  • How will you transport larger goods? Is delivery included?
  • If items need to be dismantled and reassembled, are you up to the job? Are there instructions? Ask if there were any difficulties with the initial assembly.