Buying poultry

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The DoneDeal guide to buying poultry


  • Whether buying a couple of chucks to lay your breakfast each morning, or commercially buying poultry for agri-business, there are some pitfalls you can avoid.


  • Before you buy poultry, consider why you want them.
  • Do you want chickens for egg production or for their meat?
  • Leghorns and Rhode Island reds are popular layers; Ross are good for meat.


  • Visit the supplier and look to see where the birds are housed.
  • If it is a clean environment there’s less chance of disease.


  • If buying chicks, look and see if they are active?
  • Look for bright, clear eyes.
  • Remember one sick chick can infect your whole flock.


  • Chicks that aren’t fully feathered will need somewhere warm to live.
  • A heat lamp may be required to house them until they feather fully.


  • Remember to quarantine all new birds being introduced to your existing flock for at least two weeks.