Changing your email address

If you require to update the email address on your DoneDeal account please submit your request to Please also include the new email address. For security reasons, we ask that you contact us directly from the email address that is currently registered to your DoneDeal account.

If you no longer have access to your old email address, please submit your request from your new email address along with the following information so that we can verify your DoneDeal account:

  1. What is the email address linked to your account?
  2. What is the phone number saved to your account?
  3. Name one item you have advertised with us in the past.
  4. What payment method do you usually use for DoneDeal ads?

Please note - An account can only be updated to a new email address that is not currently in use on an existing DoneDeal account.

If you wish to disable an account just let us know and we will put through the request. You can submit this request by selecting "Data requests" at the bottom of our homepage. 

Contact our support team here.