Verifying My DoneDeal Account

After creating your account on DoneDeal, we would recommend that you verify your profile details. Verifying your profile details will build trust within our DoneDeal community and help you sell faster.


Email Verification

We ask all buyers and sellers to verify their email address when creating an account. To check if your email is verified, use the app version of DoneDeal and select “My profile” > “Edit”.

If your email address is verified, you will see the word ‘Verified’ along with a green tick. If your email address isn’t verified, click ‘Verify this email’ and we will send a link to the email address associated with your DoneDeal account. 

Once you receive the email, click the ‘Confirm now’ link. Your email address won't be visible to other buyers or sellers. 


Phone Verification

To check if your phone number is verified, visit your profile and find the ‘Phone Number’ field. If your phone number is verified, you will see the word ‘Verified’ along with a green tick. If your phone number isn’t verified, click the ‘Verify’ link and enter your phone number to receive the verification code. Your phone number is only visible to other buyers if you choose the 'Phone and Text' option when placing an ad. 

Once you receive the text message from DoneDeal with the verification code, enter the code and click 'Verify Number'.


Please note that we can only verify Irish and UK mobile phone numbers and it is not possible to verify a landline number. 

If you have any problems verifying your phone number or do not receive the verification code, you can contact us here


Identity Verification

In order to verify your identity in DoneDeal, you need to save your card payment details in your account. If you have completed the process you will see them under ‘Saved Payment Details’. 

To save your card payment details, check the ‘Save Card Details’ option next time you are making a payment with your card.

Your saved card details on DoneDeal or any of the sensitive information associated with them are not visible to other buyers and sellers.