Tips before buying a pet

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Be prepared before making a decision, research, research, research! Thinking of giving or getting a new pet?

1. Don't buy a pet for someone else

If you are buying the pet for your son or daughter or the children... remember, this will be YOUR pet! After the novelty of the new pet wears off, the children may only play with it occasionally. They may groan and grumble about any pet related job, doing them, begrudgingly, only after significant prodding from you. As children's interests and activities change, over the years, their level of involvement with the pet will most likely be, inconsistent, at best. Additionally, your children, especially young children, will need to be 'trained' in how to behave with the pet and will need to be supervised when with it. Sometimes we believe that a pet will teach children responsibility but ultimately it is the parents that teach responsibility not the pet.

2. Don’t buy a pet on an impulse

It can be very tempting to purchase a pet on impulse, seeing that cute picture or thinking how much fun it might be to own a pet can sometimes lead to leaping before looking. A pet is a serious commitment and each has its own unique requirements for care and attention. If you’re serious about buying a pet, do your research and find a responsible breeder, shelter or rescue centre.

3. Consider adopting or fostering a pet

Pet rescue groups are always looking for responsible people to provide foster pet homes on a short-term or long-term basis until they can find them a "forever home." This can be a good way to see if having a pet is something that will work for your family.

4. Talk to your vet

Ask advice from your local vet. They will be able to provide you with advice on a pet that suits your needs and provide you with additional tips on what to look for before purchasing. Read more about being a first time pet owner and be prepared for a lifetime of wet noses and sloppy kisses.