Network limits on Pay-by-Phone option

A really popular option for our DoneDealers is the option to pay for your ad using the mobile credit on your phone. If you're super busy selling on the DoneDeal, you should be aware of some limitations to this option.  
NOTE - Payments from mobiles may cost more to allow for surcharges from the telcos. 
We will always note this during place ad so you can select an alternative method of payment should you wish to avoid this surcharge:- 
Individual networks have a selection of caps that will reset on a regular basis. We've included some of these for you here:- 
Vodafone Customers :- 
- Single Transaction Limit: €30
- Daily Limit: €30 (rolling i.e. last 24 hours)
- Monthly Limit: €200 (rolling i.e. last 30 days)
Three Customers 
- Single Transaction Limit: €30
* MSISDN Global Limit 
- Daily Limit: €100 (Calendar Date i.e. cleared at 00:00 every day)
- Monthly Limit: €200 (Calendar Month i.e. cleared on 1st of the month)
* MSISDN Account Type Limit - Monthly only
- Individual Postpay Consumers: €200
- Prepay Consumer: Unlimited
- Small and Medium Enterprise: €250
- Sole Private Trader: €200
- Corporates: €1000
Eir Customers 
- Eir supports €1.00, €1.50, €2.00, €3.00, €3.50, €5.00, €6.00 and €10.00.
Tesco Mobile Customers
 - The Tesco Mobile Network is unable to support this feature. 
ID Mobile Customers   
- The ID Mobile Network is unable to support this feature. 
Mobile Station International Subscriber Directory Number (MSISDN) is a number used to identify a mobile phone number internationally. MSISDN is defined by the E.164 numbering plan. This number includes a country code and a National Destination Code which identifies the subscriber's operator.