Product safety

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It's important to be aware of the safety of the product you are buying. Apart from general common sense, and reviewing our buyers guides there are other things to consider.

Product recalls

Check the list of product recalls to ensure a second hand product isn't a danger.

CE Mark

The CE mark is a mark of safety in the EU and any of the following products must carry it. If it doesn't have it, it's likely not to be safe.

  • Toys
  • Domestic electrical, electronic and gas appliances
  • Personal protective equipment used by consumers for example, bicycle helmets, sunglasses, swimming armbands
  • Personal protective equipment used in the workplace for example hard hats
  • Machinery use by consumers, for example lawnmowers, drills
  • Machinery used in the workplace
  • Medical devices
  • Mobile phones
  • Food

Please note that while these are not required to carry the CE mark precautions should be taken unless buying them from a recognized distributor:

  • Cosmetics (not required to carry CE Mark)
  • Pharmaceuticals (not required to carry CE Mark)

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