Scam Watch: Texts asking you to email more photos/information

DoneDeal uses a SafeMail System. This means that when you send or receive an email through our site, your actual email address can NOT be seen. We do this to stop any non genuine people getting your email address.

We also do it so that we can block email addresses that are not genuine from contacting any of our sellers on our site.  For these reasons we recommend that you never email anyone about your ad outside of the email link in the ad itself.

How to recognise this scam

  • Some of our DoneDealers have told us that these non genuine characters are trying to get you OFF our SafeMail System.
  • They do this by sending text or whats app messages to people that are advertising on our site asking them to email them outside of our SafeMail System.

We would strongly recommend that you only email people about your ad through the SafeMail link in your ad. So if you receive a text message looking for more information by email, do either of the following:

  • Do not reply to text or send a message to the email address they send to you


  • Text back to the person telling them to email you through your ad and you'll send them the details there. Any genuine buyer will be happy with that.

As always: If in doubt, back away and report the user to