Scam Watch: Actions to take for victims of fraud

What to do if you have been defrauded

We take fraud management very seriously here at DoneDeal and have great processes and resources to help fight against potential crime via ads on our site. Depending on the circumstances you may have:

  • a crime for the Gardaí to investigate
  • a civil matter between you and the seller
  • a misunderstanding that can be resolved amicably

If in doubt, contact DoneDeal to find out what you should do.

When to contact the Gardaí

We strongly encourage you to contact your local Gardaí to report the incident or the advertiser if you:

  • feel you have been defrauded by a seller on DoneDeal
  • have reason to believe you have discovered stolen goods or
  • someone who is advertising something that may have legal implications

Before you go to the Gardaí

Rather than dealing with fraud or stolen goods, it might be the case that you're dealing with a seller who is slow at sending an item or keeping in contact. In these cases, we encourage you to try resolving the issue with the seller directly. You should always exhaust all options before going to the Gardaí. Read our safety section before buying or selling.

Read our full article on how to make a report to the Gardaí and how to deal with civil matters.