Account Restricted / Temporarily Restricted for safety

We have become aware of both a fake text message impersonating DoneDeal and a fake email impersonating DoneDeal that are being sent out in an attempt to gather login details. 
Once you entered your login details through that fake link in the text, you had unfortunately given them your DoneDeal username and password. Since then your ads have been tampered with/changed.  For this reason, to keep your ads safe, we have temporarily disabled your DoneDeal account.

Important: We recommend that you follow our as set out below to make sure your DoneDeal account and your email account are safe.

Step 1: Make sure your Email Account is Safe

To ensure your email account is safe you need to do two things:

  1. Make sure that emails are not automatically forwarded from your email account to another account.

  2. Change your email password.  

Click to read specific instructions for the most common email types.

Step 2: Reset DoneDeal Password

We will send you an email to reset your DoneDeal password.  Please ensure that you use a completely new password.  

Once it's been reset contact us on and we will lift the restriction on your account. 

We also recommend that if you use a similar password on other sites you should reset this too!