How long does my ad stay online?

The length of time your ad stays on DoneDeal depends on the type of ad you've chosen:

  • Freebie ads - 1 month*
  • Regular ads - 2 months

You can read more on our advertising options here.

You can remove your ad yourself at any stage by logging into your DoneDeal account. It's a good idea to remove your ad when you've sold the items so that you don't get more calls from people trying to buy your item. It also helps generate a great DoneDeal experience making people more inclined to buy from you in the future.

If it's the case that you're in negotiations or the sale has been agreed on your item, you have an option to temporarily withdraw your ad - read more about this here.

A few days before your ad is due to be removed we'll send you an email, just in case you want to renew your ad.

*available in a selection of sections.